Our Label

What’s on the bottle may be as interesting as what’s in the bottle

We wanted a label that expressed a sense of place and of our delight in having created wines and an experience worth sharing with our family and most treasured friends – long time and waiting to be met. Marjorie is an accomplished painter and her current chosen medium is acrylics. She entered the painting that appears on our label in a local art show and it attracted such interest that it became part of the imagery we wanted to include in presenting our wines to the largest audience possible. It is prominently displayed in our tasting room and seems to evoke something wonderfully personal in everyone who views it.

We think we see a figure dancing with electric, unrestrained joy. It has bounce and it swings. Think Monk, Dizzy, Arnett, Brubeck. Add a little Ella and a dash of the Duke and the Count. The colors complement the panel to the right which, suggests the hues of the wine it announces. The background contains geometric elements of the FOON Estate Vineyard gate, designed and fabricated by Howard on site in a frenzied exercise that involved a lot of plasma cutting, welding and integration and combination of mild steel plate, pieces of donated remnants of old farm implements and even older tractor parts.

We gave these images to our label designer, Bill Owen, and the result was pure jazz. The label introduces not only our wines, but our way of living and philosophy. We have always combined our often-different visions to create art and a life that has been rich, colorful, uniquely full, unpredictable but satisfying, always surprisingly tasty and, we hope, includes a long, complex and interesting finish. Like our wines, it has always been best enjoyed with great food and in the company of friends. Drop in for a taste!