Our Story

Our passion for making and sharing great wines has evolved and grown since we moved to Santa Rosa in the Sonoma County winegrowing area in 1980. In our time there we were witnessed and participated in the transformation of food and wine from appreciation through local signature highlight and on to sacramental elements in the daily life of our neighbors and friends. These early forays into what is now termed farm to table dining were wonderful opportunities to celebrate the unique qualities of our community and the abundance and variety of the Sonoma Valley and nearby coastal bays. A spirit of unfettered experimentation with table fare of all conceivable kinds was encouraged and, ultimately, expected at any gathering. We believe that food, wine and companions are the three legs of an experience that can forge strong bonds and has promoted understanding and enduring friendships regardless of geography and cultures for centuries. Fine wine and great food can create lifelong memories.

We live this same spirit of appreciation of the glories of wine and the exploration of wine’s possibilities at our small family operated vineyard and winery in the Umpqua Valley AVA. We purchased the property in 2008 and have carefully developed and reinvigorated the vineyard, remodeled the tasting room and built our home and life here. Old vines were removed and the vine rows reoriented, irrigation and trellising installed and more suitable varietals planted and nurtured to fecund maturity. Our vignerons, Lupe and Jesse Bernardino, work year round in the vineyard to ensure optimal vine health and fruit quality. All wines are made on site from fruit grown and harvested, processed, fermented and bottled on the property. We bottled our first wines in 2012 and are take great pleasure in pouring and discussing them in our tasting room, or over catered meals or events. Inevitably, Foon Estate Vineyard is an expression of what we love and believe and of who we are. We want share this experience and to be a part of as many great memories as possible.

We are proud to be able to offer these wines as unique expressions of what the Umpqua Valley in general, and our small terroir in particular, have to offer and we are delighted at the praise lavished on our wines by those who have come to know and enjoy them. Salud!