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This cool climate white  varietal is identified with Galicia in northwest Spain and Moncao and Megaco in northwest Portugal.  It is believed to have been brought to Iberia by Cluny monks in the 12th century.  Its name hints at its provenance in that “Alba-Rino” roughly translates to “the white wine from the Rhine”.  The theory has been advanced that it is, in fact, a Riesling clone. While it is perfectly adapted to the damp winds of the Rias Baixas region, we find it to be very compatible with our site and climate and are delighted to invite exploration of Albarino’s austere mysteries.  We make only about 200 cases yearly.


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This is a wine characterized by bright, at times flinty, acidity and complexity.  It is at its best within a year of bottling and can create lifelong memories when paired appropriately, especially with seafood, grilled chicken, pork or, surprisingly, pizza.  Our Albarino entices with aromas of stone fruits, kiwi, citrus and honeysuckle all of which linger on the palate embedded in a subtle creaminess. A crisp acidity on the finish invites further indulgence.

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2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


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