The principal red varietal of the Rioja region of Spain and has been referred to as Spain’s “noble grape”.

Tempranillo has been grown in this region for centuries and its cultivation dates back to Phoenician settlements in the area. Winemaking in the Ribera del Duero is known to have been practiced for at least 2,000 years. This iconic grape is also important for making Tinta Roriz and port wine in Portugal. It may have been introduced to America by Spanish Conquistadores in the 17th century. Tempranillo is widely planted internationally and is admired for its many unique qualities which include adaptability and early ripening. Tempranillo may be translated as “little early one” and is the first varietal we pick at FOON Estate Vineyard. We look forward to the opportunity to make a new and uniquely satisfying Tempranillo with each harvest. The relatively high daily mid-summer temperatures and predictably cool nights of the Umpqua Valley represent nearly perfect growing conditions for this grape and result in fruit that combines deep color, good phenolic development and the high sugar levels required to produce a Tempranillo with a rich flavor profile and sufficient character to be worthy of its heritage.


400 cases produced annually


The Foon Estate Vineyard Tempranillos are notable for a deep garnet or ruby color with fully developed aromas and flavors that immediately identify the fruit. The wines are well structured with a pleasing mouthfeel and a brightly satisfying finish that floods and lingers on the palate. The wines are redolent of berries, tobacco, vanilla, plum, leather and chocolate. They pair beautifully with other rich flavors as are found in various preparations of grilled or roasted beef, ham or sausage – any of which do even better with patatas bravas and aioli.